Saturday, July 24, 2010

Joe's Stone Crab, Miami (Review)

I don't really have the time to do restaurant reviews and I often times forget to take pictures. However, I just came back from my Florida vacation and can NOT stop thinking about how friken DELICIOUS Joe's Stone Crab restaurant in Miami was. I just have to share that if you ever get the chance to go, GO. Me and my boyfriend enjoyed the following with not a single complaint.

-Bread Basket with assorted bread, crackers, and muffins. Honey biscuit was our favorite.
-Florida Little Neck Clams – steamed with lobster lemongrass broth, andouille sausage, leeks, garlic, tomatoes & slice of french bread (the broth was to die for..and the bread hit the spot with this dish..)
-Joe’s Stone Crab Bisque (best crab bisque you will ever have according to my boyfriend and trust me he knows his seafood soups!)
-8 Select Stone Crab Claws (Big juicy crab claws..and we went when they weren't in that means if you go when there in season you can get them 2 sizes bigger!! Season ends in May)
-Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes – with green tomato caper remoulade (Now up there with my favorite's from Faidley's from Baltimore and Legal Seafood from Boston)
-Skinny Fried Sweets (Deliciously fried sweet potatoes seasoned with sugar and cinnamon..I swear once you smell and taste these you will never forget these from Joe's and you will be hooked. I took the left overs home..I just couldn't bear to see them get chucked in the trash..)
For Dessert (even though we were stuffed)
Pecan Pie – with a honey caramel sauce à la mode (YUM!)
Joe’s Famous Key Lime Pie – a.k.a. the official Florida State Pie (HOLY &%*!%. IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERY BITE WAS LIKE A PUNCH TO EVERY SINGLE TASTE BUD ON MY TONGUE! SUPER DELICIOUS..A MUST HAVE IF YOU EVER MAKE IT TO JOE'S)

I miss you already Joe's!

I just wanted to add..I'm super excited to announce that Joe's website offered a few recipes including the Key Lime pie.. which I am going to attempt to make before the summer is over. Hell WHO AM I KIDDING.. I'd even eat in the winter..

Here's the link..

Have a WONDERFUL day everyone!

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